No clocks in las vegas gambling casinos

No clocks in las vegas gambling casinos owners of station casinos

By not allowing them to reference daylight or time, players lose track of time and theoretically play for longer periods of time. You have just cashed in your winnings and perhaps you may want to try your luck one last time before leaving.

Las Vegas is also known as an entertainment city. We ask our submitters to thoroughly research questions and provide sources where possible. And the longer you are in the casino, the more chance they have of winning some money off you. Why don't Europeans use 24 hour clock faces given that they use 24 hour time? Set your own pace! Every game, whether it be a table or machine, is designed to payout small wins in the short run, but eventually take more from you in the long run.

Las Vegas, one of the most famous city of America and world has a strange fact about it's famous casino's. They have no windows and Clocks. This old trick was designed to make sure you went on gambling without some crummy clock telling you "hey, it's am" go back to the hotel  why aren't there any clocks in IN LAS VEGAS. More and more people are relying on the mobile phones that actual watches to tell the time, so when our gambling in a casino you're so absorbed with what.

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